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What is Criollo cocoa?

Katarina Poljak

Criollo cocoa is a variety of cacao whose cultivation and use can be traced back to the Mayas and Aztecs.

Sadly over time, people gradually abandoned criollo cacao cultivation due to its low yield, which caused criollo cacao almost vanish. Today, this rare variety of cacao represents only 0.001% of all the cacao produced globally.

Cacao piramide

Criollo cacao

Domori created the Criollo Project to recover this precious cacao variety. Simultaneously Domori built the largest plantation of its kind in the world, Hacienda San José located in Venezuela.

Unlike other cacao varieties, which contain astringent and rough tannins, Criollo is famous for its unique creaminess, roundedness and sweetness. Criollo does not have any tannins. The result is unrivalled cacao quality.

Criollo chocolate Domori

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