Domori & biodiversity |

Domori & biodiversity

November 19, 2020

A unique, great intuition: saving the world’s most prized cacao varieties from extinction, preserving their original aromas and making them accessible to great chocolate enthusiasts all over the world.

Domori was the first chocolate manufacturer in the world to use only traditional farming methods with fine cacao plants. A courageous choice, because these are the most delicate, rare and least productive varieties.

Domori cacao plantation

In fact, fine cacao represents just 10% of the global harvest, while Criollo, the rarest variety of all, accounts for just over 0.001%.The courage behind this choice not only allows us to produce a chocolate with a wide range of aromatic profiles, but also to respect and conserve biodiversity. Ever since Domori was founded, the company has fought to protect these prized cacao varieties, their natural habitat and the farmers who work there.


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