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Different olive varieties produce different olive oils - delicate, medium and intense

June 07, 2020

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Think of olive as a spice or wine, with its characteristics, and uniqueness.

As explained in the article article how to choose the best extra virgin olive oil; we should also note which olive variety it is made from because this gives the olive oil its flavour.

Ideally, everyone should season their food with the extra virgin olive oil that fits their taste best. One extra virgin olive oil is never enough. There are massive differences between the delicate (mild), medium to stronger-flavour (intense) olive varieties. Please note that there are more than 2,600 different olive varieties, and so many options to choose. You can always contact us to get complimentary advice on what olive oil to choose and why.

Below will explain the difference between varieties and blends available at MARQT.NO.


Olive oil with an intensely fruity aroma and medium spiciness

Light green to golden yellow with an intense fruity taste and olive fruit scent, aromatic herbs and artichokes, and apples exhibit a pleasing balance of bitterness and piquancy.

Buza olive oil is an excellent addition to fresh raw food, especially raw dark fish (tuna and salmon), quality fish, seasonal grilled vegetables, mushrooms, various sea fruit risotto, and traditional Japanese sushi. Buza is also a winning combination for sweet delight when sprinkled on sweet baked apples.


Olive oil with an intensely fruity aroma and medium spiciness

Frantoio is an Italian olive variety originally from Tuscany. It is one of the most praised olive oils with an intensely fruity, beautiful aroma. Frantoio has an intense golden yellow colour with definite green shades.

Frantoio olive oil aroma is rich in hints of freshly mown grass, wild chicory, artichoke, wild thistle and definite notes of rosemary and mint. Bitterness and pungency are definite and present. 

Frantoio olive oil taste is strong and full, characterized by vegetal hints of green pepper, arugula, green fruit, almonds, black pepper, to name a few.

Frantoio pairs best with ingredients of intense and robust taste and aromas such as beefsteak, truffles, game, goose liver, wild asparagus or mature cheese as it brings a strong flavour to the dish.


Olive oil with light intensity and delicate harmonic fruitiness

Leccino is another classic Italian variety of outstanding quality and one of the most widely grown olive types globally because of its significant adaptability to different agro-ecological conditions. Leccino has a beautiful dark green colour tasting of olive fruit and aromatic herbs, gently bitter and piquant.

Leccino olive oil is something sweet and has a harmonic spicy and bitter taste. Its irresistible freshness and pervasive fruity scent strikingly.

Leccino pairs well with raw fish, raw meat, scampi, prawns, grilled squid and cuttlefish, all kinds of fresh seasonal salads. Adding just a few drops of Leccino olive oil to your ice-cream, panna cotta, as well as vanilla, forest fruit and strawberry parfait, cheesecake and sheep curd cheese will turn into a fabulous and delicious.


Olive oil with medium intensity and fruitiness

Levantika, also known as Soltanka (literally, a lady from Solta) is a Croatian autochthonous variety. Levantika olive grows in difficult and yet ideal conditions for excellent olive oil production; rocky limestone with little fertile soil, climate with hot and dry summers, medicinal herbs and fragrant spices.

Levantika produces the first-class oil with a pleasant note of bitterness, medium spiciness and the aroma of freshly mown grass, apple, and green almond sensation.

Levantika olive oils also boast hints of artichoke and chicory, with notes of black pepper and aromatic plants, such as rosemary, sage, mint. The bitterness is well defined, and the pungency is distinctive, both of which are very well balanced.

Levantika olive oil pairs perfectly with grilled fish, meat and poultry dishes, stir-fries, salads with arugula or other bitter greens.


Olive oil that is moderately bitter, aromatic and well-balanced

Oblica is the most important olive variety in Croatia, and the oldest olive type in Dalmatia (southern Croatia) making up about 60% of all olive trees in Croatia.

Oblica has a fresh green olive fruitiness, apple, tomato and artichoke aromas. Bitterness and pungency moderate to intensive.

Olive oils made from Oblica are very versatile olive oils. It compliments wonderfully cooked vegetables, greens and tomato salad, chicken or fish and even speciality pastries! Oblica olive oils are eespecially great for dipping bread and salad dressings.

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