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Extra virgin olive oil food pairing by olive variety

Katarina Poljak

Oleum Viride

Just as with the wine, pairing foods with different extra virgin oils will bring different flavours.

 Olive variety
Tasting notes
Best food pairing
Ascolana tenera
golden in colour, fresh scent and balanced pleasant bitterness and piquancy
scent and taste of fresh grass, medium ripe tomato, sage and oregano
bean, ceps and fish soup, red meat tartare, vegetable pasta, boiled red meats, various blue cheeses, curd cheese with honey, fresh figs
light green to golden yellow in colour with an intense fruity taste and a pleasing balance of bitterness and piquancy
scent of olive fruit, aromatic herbs and artichokes and apples
grilled vegetables, raw tuna, raw salmon, grilled premium quality fish, cuttlefish risotto, traditional Japanese sushi, sweet baked apples
golden-green, medium fruity aroma, a mild oil with balanced bitterness and piquancy
flavours of green olive, apple and almond and overtones of aromatic herbs
vegetable bruschetta, raw shrimp and prawn bruschetta, vegetable and barley minestrone, squid risotto, roasted chicken and turkey, medium aged cheese, strawberry ice cream
green colour with golden shades, intense fruity scent, as well as a refined balance of bitterness and piquancy.
taste of fresh olive fruit, grass, wild radicchio, dried tomatoes and traces of almond
raw vegetables, grilled vegetables, vegetable soups, fried seabream, fried surmullets, grilled squids, premium quality fish baked in cast iron pots under fire, fruitcakes with citrus fruit and pineapple
light green in colour, moderately bitter with a strong pepperoncino pungency
dominating taste and scent of fresh olive fruit, almond and aromatic herbs
Red meat tartar and carpaccio, truffles, beefsteak, venison, wild asparagus with eggs and truffles, foie gras, mature cheese, almond and walnut cake
Istarska Bjelica
golden green in colour, pronouncedly bitter and piquant 
scent of mown grass, taste of green olive fruit, almond, wild asparagus and radicchio
marinated mushrooms with orange or lemon, grilled beefsteak, grilled rump steak, dark chocolate and hazelnut cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse
intense green colour, with intense but balanced bitterness and piquancy
strong scent and notes of ripes tomatoes, green banana, mint, basil and sage
cold soups such as gazpacho, seafood pasta, shrimp pasta, beefsteak, roast lamb, boiled beef, grilled meat and oily fish, aged cheese, forest fruit in orange juice marinade, curd cheese with hearty honey
harmonic and refreshing light oil with a wonderful dark green colour, gently bitter and piquant with irresistible freshness and pervasive fruity scent
tasting of olive fruit and aromatic herbs
raw prawns, shrimps and white fish carpaccio, grilled squid, cuttlefish and shrimps, all kinds of fresh seasonal salads, desserts with sheep curd cheese, forest fruit and vanilla, panna cotta, ice creams, forest fruit and strawberry parfait, cheesecake
intense green colour with mild fruity flavour in a harmony of bitterness and piquancy
herbal aromas that evoke artichokes, mint and rosemary
white fish, tuna carpaccio, sea food pasta and risotto, salmon tartare, vegetable appetizers, spit-roasted rabbit, goat cheese, forest fruit cheesecake
light green colour pronounced by bitterness with slight shades of piquancy
fruity scent , taste of fresh grass, artichokes, mint and rosemary 
creamy soups, minestrone of various tuberous plants, European lobster and spiny-lobster carpaccio, venison, beefsteak, rump steak, semi-matured cheese
intense dark green colour, with well balanced taste
fragrance of artichoke, celery and tomato
dark fish, truffles, red meat, goose liver and all kinds of offal, Istrian ox beefsteak and various steaks, poppy seed and carob cake, various forest fruit or blueberry ice-cream
golden green in colour, with intense fruity scent, initial balance of fruitiness and piquancy that gradually turns into a strong 'pepperoncino' flavour
intense taste of olive fruit
salty anchovies, cod fish pâté, grilled mushrooms, chicken and turkey, mushroom soup, traditional pasta such as fuzi from Istria, mature cheeses, almond, hazelnut, pistachio and olive biscuits
Vodnjanska crnica
intense yellow green colour, fruity scent, moderately bitter and piquant, 
sweet taste of olive fruit, almond and apple
grilled dark and white fish (especially tuna and salmon), octopus salad, seafood salad, dark fish carpaccio, beans minestrone (beans, horse beans and chickpeas), cheesecake, emulsions with honey, citrus fruits and various pepper sorts used as topping for cheesecake
Selekcija Belic (blend of Leccino, Vodnjanska crnica, Frantoio, Istarska bjelica, Buza and Pendolino)
magnificent green colour, moderately bitter and piquant 
scent and taste of green olive fruit, vanilla and chicory and aromatic herbs
roasted lamb and veal, asparagus with eggs and prosciutto, grilled fish and vegetables, cuttlefish risotto, octopus salad, grilled salmon and tuna, corn minestrone, cod fish and salmon risotto, various seasonal salads, fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, vanilla ice cream and mousse 

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