How can you tell the quality of olive oil? |

How can you tell the quality of olive oil?

Pontus Hagman

Are you confused about which olive oil to buy and how to know that it is good olive oil?

Well, you are not alone; this is a confusing territory for many. However, we will do our best to guide you in this process. Learning about different olive oil grades and their characteristics will help you understand what you read on olive oil labels.

No. 1 - choose only EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the olive only, using a solely mechanical method when making it. Basically, it is a pure olive juice, without any additions. Best extra virgin olive oils are harvested and made in perfect thermal conditions, which do not alter the olive oil in any way. 

First of all, always choose an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also known as EVOO. EVOO contains no more than 0.8% acidity and has a superior taste. The lower the acidity, the better quality olive oil is. At, you will find olive oils with significantly, if not record low acidity, such as Oleum Viride with 0.02% acidity level.

Olive picking

No. 2 - If you can, the best way is to judge olive oil is by tasting it.

The olive oil tasting procedure is pretty much similar to wine tasting. The best way to evaluate olive oil is to pour a little bit of olive oil into a small glass or an olive tasting glass if you have one. 

olive tasting

How to taste olive oil correctly?

  • Cover the olive tasting cup with one hand to trap the aromas inside, and with the other, hold the glass and swirl it to warm it up and release the olive oil's aromas. Do this for a minute or two.
  • Uncover the olive oil and quickly inhale from the rim of the cup. Take a good whiff of the fragrances and the intensity and aroma.
  • Next, take a sip of olive oil! Slurp as you get air in your mouth to coax more aromas out of the olive oil. Notice any bitterness.
  • Breath out of your nose as you swallow oil to get that pungency feeling. Olive oil pungency can be very mild, or it can be intense enough to make you cough. The more coughing, the more the polyphenols and the better the olive oil! This sensation should go away fairly quickly; it should not linger.

We recommend reading and learning what other small hints you should look for when buying olive oil.

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