How to taste olive oil like a professional? |

How to taste olive oil like a professional?

March 04, 2021

Anyone can assess the extra virgin olive oil quality provided that whoever tastes it follows a series of conduct rules.

Olive tasting glass

What will you need to prepare for olive oil tasting?

olive oil tasting1. Olfactory analysis

  • Pour about 20 ml of olive oil in an olive oil tasting glass.
  • Bring olive oil to the ideal temperature for tasting 28 °C.
  • You can heat the olive oil tasting glass with your hands, covering it for some minutes and shaking it delicately to speed up the process. 
  • Bring tasting glass close to your both nostrils and breath in deeply. 
  • After a short time, repeat the operation.
  • You can access perceived aromas immediately, both positive and negative olive oil properties.

2. Taste analysis

  • Take a slow and delicate suction of olive oil at first (do not swallow yet).
  • Simultaneously, breathe in air to oxygenate the olive oil and move it around in your mouth so it can come in contact with all taste buds. The olive oil should spread over the whole oral cavity and especially on the tongue. You can describe the sensation as sweet, bitter, pungent etc.
  • You can then expel olive oil from your mouth. This part is the most critical for olive oil analysis and final assessment.

3. Visual analysis

  • Although it might seem strange, olive oil colour doesn't have any importance in judging olive oil quality.

Remember, there are three things every good extra virgin olive oil should have when accessing it - bitter, fruity and pungent. 

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olive oil tasting

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