Is the fraudulent olive oil industry's biggest problem? |

Is the fraudulent olive oil industry's biggest problem?

February 23, 2021

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The biggest problem for the olive industry, contrary to beliefs, is consumers' education, not fraudulent olive oils.

A number one problem is that every day's olive oil users don't make purchase decisions based on olive oil quality.

At MARQT.NO, we believe that the most effective way to eliminate fraud in the olive industry is to educate the consumers on how to make the right decisions when buying the olive oil. Better education of consumers on olive oils will help the industry most and lead to solving the issue of fraudulent olive oils.

We regularly organize interactive free online events and masterclasses to discuss food, cooking, nutrition, health and fitness. With a series of different workshops and classes with our producers, we will try to help you understand olive oil better and ultimately help you find the olive oils that will be a real treat for your buds and beneficial to your health.

To avoid fraudulent olive purchase, learn more: 

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