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Flos Olei names Istria the world's best olive oil region, again!

September 18, 2020

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Flos Olei is the world's most influential and extensive guide to the world of olive oil. For the fifth time in the row Flos Olei names northern Croatian region Istria, the world's best olive oil region.

The 500 best olive oils are added to the Flos Olei guide every year. The editor and publisher is Italian Marco Oreggia, journalist and wine-and-food critic, and a qualifying agricultural engineer.

Considered the Bible for extra virgin olive oils, the Flos Olei 2020 included 79 Croatian extra virgin olive oils, 77 of which are from Istria, one from Krk and one from Dalmatia.


Where is Istria if you wonder? 

Istria is a region in Croatia. It is often described as the 'new Tuscany', it is a region of landscapes with rolling hills, picturesque hilltop towns and excellent cuisine. Istria has a tradition of growing olives for more than two millennia, so voted as the world's best olive oil region does not come as a surprise.

A testimony to this long olive tradition is the 1600-year-old olive tree on Veliki Brijuni island, off Istria's south-west coast, and the ancient terracotta amphorae once used to transport and store the oil, which lies on display in the cellar of Pula's Roman amphitheatre.

Old olive tree Istria

Istrian olive producers

Most Istrian olive oil producers are small, family-run outfits producing limited quantities of this 'liquid gold'. Though Istrian olive producers can't compete with the quantity made by more prominent Italian or Spanish producers, they make up for this by making truly exceptional extra virgin olive oils, many of which are organic.

Many of our olive oil producers, such as Mate, Oleum Viride, Clai, Kozlovic, Vergal and San Canzian, are from this incredible region. Being named for the fifth time the best in the world is an immeasurable success and pride for Istria, our hardworking producers and us.

What's unique about Istria's olive oil is its delightfully fruity green notes and the pungent, peppery effect it has in the throat: a sure sign olive oil is high in polyphenols – chemical compounds full of healthy antioxidants. 

Flos Olei Hall of Fame 2020:

OLEA BB - The "Made with Love" Farm 


This year our vendor Family Belic - Oleum Viride was awarded the best company with the heart in the world, which means that everything they are doing, they are doing it with great attention and passion. 

Not to mention they also scored impressive 98 out of the maximum 100 points for their exceptional extra virgin olive oil. 


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