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What are olive oil benefits for skincare?

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Although most people use olive oil in food, there is an increasing trend towards using olive oil in cosmetics. Nothing new as olive oil usage as a beauty product has been known for more than millennia. However, the actual nutrition for your skin comes down to what you eat, and many experts recommend incorporating extra virgin olive oil into your daily diet.

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So, what are the skin benefits of using cosmetics with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)?

  • EVOO is rich in vitamins - A, D, K and D
  • EVOO has antioxidants properties, so it might help prevent or reverse damage from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation.
  • EVOO is known to hydrate skin.
  • EVOO fights bacteria, and using olive oil soaps will decrease the bacteria that cause acne.

How can you use extra virgin olive oil on your face?

Olive oil is one of the ingredients in many cosmetic products such as face wash, soaps, scrubs, lotions, body washes, etc.

Unfortunately, applying extra virgin olive oil directly to your skin in an immense amount can clog your pores and even cause acne, especially if you have very sensitive, dry, acne-prone or oily skin.

You can even use EVOO directly on your skin as a moisturizer in small quantities (using an eyedropper) and gently massage it, especially after sunburns, to heal the skin. But remember, if using olive oil on your skin quality matter, choose preferably premium organic extra virgin olive oils.

Low-quality olive oils will be too acidic for your skin. Whatever you decide, start slow - use small quantities to see how your skin will react.

olive oil and skin problems

Can you use olive oil directly as a make-up remover?

One of the popular uses of extra virgin olive oil is a make-up remover. However, everyone's skin is different, so you should be cautious, especially with oily skin.

Extra virgin olive oil works well to break down the waxy substances of mascara, eyeliner etc. However, EVOO won't remove your make-up altogether, but it is the first step to remove the skin's make-up. Therefore, we recommend buying instead of cosmetic products with olive oil as an ingredient.

Many years ago, on my trip to Japan, I was lucky to discover a fantastic cosmetic product with olive oil as the main ingredient - DHC cleansing oil, an excellent make-up remover, one of Japan's most sought after cosmetic products. I highly recommend giving it a try - it works magic! Or browse through our selection of natural cosmetic products from Sapunoteka, a small family-owned company in Croatia.

dhc cleansing oil make up remover

Olive oil soaps

Olive oil-based soaps are an excellent substitute for mainstream soaps and the best possible choice for your hand care. Olive oil soaps contain naturally occurring glycerin that helps retain skin moisture to minimize the skin's dryness, especially with frequent use of soap. In addition, these soaps effectively fight against microorganisms; due to high pH, making them a great antifungal and antibacterial fighter.

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Olive oil baths

Beautiful actress Sophia Loren says that olive oil baths are her beauty secret!

All you need to do is put five tablespoons of organic olive oil in warm water and take a bath. Your skin will be unrecognizably soft and very smooth.

Sophia Lauren olive oil
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