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Olive oil production in Croatia

Katarina Poljak

If you haven't heard about Croatian extra virgin olive oil, it is most likely because it is still a relatively small olive oil producer compared to its European counterparts.

Due to the favourable climate and the soil's excellent composition, olive oil production in Croatia has traditionally spread along the Adriatic coast since Roman times.

Croatia produces small quantities of extra virgin olive oil but high-quality olive oil. So it is no surprise that Flos Olei, the authority in the olive oil world, voted Croatia's Istria region as the best in the world, for the sixth time in a row.

The most important olive regions in Croatia are - Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.

Olive trees

Welcome to Croatia, the land of small, but top olive oil producers

Did you know that there are 21,630 olive farms and 154 mills in Croatia?

Map Croatia

In Croatia, we can find around 3.5 million trees that cover a surface just below 20,000 hectares. Most olive groves are up to 50 years of age, followed by younger than ten years and by those up to 30 years. A small part is over century-old olive trees.

Most Croatian olive producers are small family-run olive farms, growing and producing extra virgin olive oil in limited quantities. These small olive producers cannot compete on markets in terms of volume, but these extra virgin olive oils are outstanding for olive quality.

Oleum Viride
At Marqt.no, you can find such extra virgin olive oils. All our olive producers handpick their olives and press them the same day to ensure top-quality olive oil.

We aren't the only ones who think that Croatian extra virgin olive oils are exceptional. Regularly you will find Croatian olive oils awarded with medals in many prestigious international competitions such as the New York International Olive Oil Competition, Flos Olei, Japan Olive, the London International Olive Oil Competition, AVPA Paris Gourmet Awards etc.

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