How to spot an organic extra virgin olive oil? |

How to spot an organic extra virgin olive oil?

Pontus Hagman

Unfortunately, the difference between organic and conventional extra virgin olive oils is not detectable by their taste or odour. Therefore, you need to rely on organic olive oils requirements by the EU confirming that olive oil is made according to the regulations.

According to strict rules, every organic olive oil should display on the label either the word BIO or ORGANIC, the country code (HR - Croatia, IT - Italy, ES - Spain) and the organic flag logo.

At, we work with many organic olive oil producers that follow those stringent EU regulations. Meaning olives used for organic olive oil production have been cultivated without synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides or soil herbicides. So the whole process from growing olives to olive bottling is complying with the organic farming regulation.

Enjoy our selection of organic olive oils from three Mediterranean countries - Croatia, Italy and Spain. Most of our olive oils have been included in the Flos Olei guide and selected amongst the world´s best olive oil producers.

If you wish to learn more about the EU regulations on organic certification, check here the EU legislation for the organicsector.

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