Pairing foods with extra virgin olive oil |

Pairing foods with extra virgin olive oil

June 09, 2020

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Like the wine, different olive oils pair better with different flavours. Extra virgin olive oils open a wide range of possibilities depending on their aromas, colours, textures and flavours. You can decide if olive oil will complement your dish's taste or create a contrast, it comes down to personal preference.

General 'rules' for pairing olive oil with food 

  • Delicate extra virgin olive oils pair well with raw and light (mild) tasting food.
  • Medium extra virgin olive oils pair well with white meats, vegetables and carbohydrates.
  • Intense extra virgin olive oil pair with dishes with already intense flavours such as hearty dishes and creamy pasta.
  • Flavoured extra virgin olive oils are a great finishing touch to your dishes just before serving.

Food pairing chart - Extra virgin olive oil

Raw fish Chicken Beefsteak
Raw meat Pork Game meat
Raw shellfish Grilled meat Lamb
Prawns Roasted vegetables Stews
Scampi Sautéed vegetables Goose liver
Grilled squid Stir-fries Marinades
Grilled cuttlefish Any pasta Wild asparagus
Seasonal salads Pizza Bitter greens
Pesto Fresh bread Rich sauce
Sheep curd cheese Soft cheeses Spicy foods
Eggs Vinaigrettes Soups
Preparing desserts Ice creams Mature cheeses

Food pairing chart - Flavoured extra virgin olive oil

Caprese Meat dishes Salad dressing Pasta
Summer salad Fish dishes Fish carpaccio Mashed potatoes
Bruschettas Pizza Raw shellfish Purée
Tomato sauce Pasta Various seafood Eggs
Mozzarella Vegetables Chicken dishes Beef carpaccio
Pizza Marinades Chocolate mousse Hummus
Avocado toast Dressings Chocolate ice cream Popcorns
Cakes Chips

But in the end, you need to find what pairing suits you personally best.

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