The best ways to use olive oil in your desserts |

The best ways to use olive oil in your desserts

June 08, 2020

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In the Mediterranean olive oil has been handed down in dessert recipes for generations. 

To many people's surprise - desserts and olive oil are a fantastic duo! Olive oil will add extra freshness and a bit of extra moisture to your dessert whether it is in a cake, cookie, chocolate mousse or a simple drizzle on ice cream. 

Unlike butter, olive oil is good fat. Using olive oil in your dessert-making instead of butter, you will cut down on cholesterol and saturated fats. 

In recipes that require melted butter or other liquid fats, feel free to substitute it with olive oil. In that case, the rule of thumb 50 g of butter = 3 tbsp of olive oil.

Some of our favourite dessert combinations with olive oil are:

  • A drizzle of orange flavoured olive oil on top of chocolate ice cream,
  • Unmistakable apple pie with extra virgin olive oil for a perfect lazy Sunday,
  • Aromatic, soft and delicious Greek melomakarona cookies with honey and olive oil will become your whole family favourites!

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