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What is an extra virgin olive oil coupage?

Pontus Hagman

A coupage (blend) of extra virgin olive oils blends several different varieties of olives.

To master olive oil coupage, you need to know which olives varietals combine to get a unique combination. The aim is to create an extra virgin olive oil with exceptional flavour and aroma.

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At Marqt.no, we offer following award-winning coupage extra virgin olive oils, aslo listed in Flos Olei:

  • Signature Blend (6 different olive varieties) from the family Belic Oleum Viride in Croatia;
  • two blends from the Croatian producer Mate - Transparenza Marina (2 olive varieties) and Professional Blend, (3 different varieties);
  • from Tuscan family Fonte di Foiano two blends - Grand Cru (4 olive varieties) and IGP Toscano (3 olive varieties);
  • Costa del Riparo (2 different olive varieties) from Umbria in Italy from our beloved producer Viola. best olive oil

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