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What is the acidity in the extra virgin olive oil?

Pontus Hagman

Acidity is an important parameter that defines the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Acidity has nothing to do with the taste; in fact, the fatty acids have no taste. Acidity refers to the number of free fatty acid oils contained.

The lower the acidity, the better quality of the olive oil is.

  • Virgin olive oils have acidity between 0.8% and 2%. 
  • The acidity level of extra virgin olive oil is never higher than 0.8%.

The acidity of olive oil increases as olive oil gets exposed to oxidants and aggressive environments.

Not long ago, the olive oil labels had acidity levels displayed, but since acidity confused consumers, the new EU legislation changed. Currently, there is no acidity level posted on labels. The acidity level is allowed to be on the label only when provided with wax, peroxide, and UV-absorption values.

Did you know that most of our extra virgin olive oils have acidity lower than 0.1 and none more than 0.29? We have olive oils with acidity low as 0.05 out of max 0.8. How amazing is that?

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