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Pontus Hagman

Boya is a brand from Croatia with a creative vision from Zagreb based designer Maja Mesic. Name 'Boya' (which means colour in Croatian), and the idea are based on the internationally awarded project – the innovative drawing tool.

Maja Mesic Boya Crayons

Boya development process started in 2009, after winning the prestigious Red Dot Award. Winning the Oscars of the design world pushed Boya to become a product as it is today.

Boya works daily on improving their manufacturing process and developing the vision of the brand and colour selection to provide a different creative solution for everybody. 100% of Boya production happens in Croatia.

  • Boya crayons don't live any trace on fingers, just on paper.
  • Boya crayons are made from a substance similar to soft pastel. Still, unlike soft pastel, they do not crumble from paper, so you do not have to fix your drawing, because of the right measure of wax and paraffin. You can blend and mix colours, and it depends on your hand pressure how intense and beaming the colour will be.
  • Boya crayons are non-toxic.
  • Boya crayons are not water-soluble.
  • Boya crayons are more robust.
  • One significant fact that distinguishes Boya crayons from others is the amount of material per crayon. Average stick-shaped wax pastel weighs 4 grams and triangular-shaped 8 grams, and Boya 20 grams, that is more than double. The material is more robust, does not break easily, lasts longer, and the pigment is more intensive and durable.
  • Boya crayons resharpens! As you spent it you do not need to sharpen it, as you create new tips, and edges by drawing. You always sharpen one part, so you still have a tip for line, and an edge for surface somewhere, it just depends how you turn it.
  • A user is free to manoeuvre with Boya crayons as it does not imply a way of holding.

You can learn more about incredible Boya crayons here.

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