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Uje and Brachia

Pontus Hagman

Uje and Brachia are brands representing the best extra virgin olive oils and exclusive Croatian culinary delicacies. Croatia's best manufacturers and the finest ingredients brought together to create high-quality hand-made products in unique packaging.

Brachia extra virgin olive oil


Uje was founded 15 years ago on island Brač, by its conceptual founder, former journalist Leopold Botteri. The idea was to produce the first premium Dalmatian extra virgin olive oil and promote top Croatian extra virgin olive oils.

Leopold's great entrepreneurial idea led him to open sister companies such as Brachia, San Canzian, Aroma Mediterranea and Nona that today produce various delicacies and natural cosmetics, not just extra virgin olive oil.

Hopefully, on your future visits to Croatia, you can visit one of Uje's many oleotheques and their fantastic restaurant in Split, as well as their stunning hotel San Canzian. 

Brachia olive oil


Brachia is a sister brand of Uje, the first Croatian oleotheque. Brachia became one of the best known and most recognisable Croatian olive oil brands.

They say that Antenor, the famous Trojan warrior, sailed to an island that he named Brachia (Brač) after his home town of Ambrachia in Greece. He brought with him Silenus, the Winegrower who, according to legend, planted an olive sapling on the island. This olive found fertile soil on the barren grounds of Brač and sustained generations of islanders. Nowadays, its fertile soil provides us with the pleasure of enjoying original products from the island of Brač.

With exceptional pride, at marqt.no we offer a full Brachia product line - extra virgin olive oils made from the awarded olive variety named Oblica.

Brachia extra virgin olive oils are obtained through the efforts of the Bracian farmers. Modern olive growers pair their traditional ways with the latest technologies and the attention that a top-quality product deserves.

Brachia organic extra virgin olive oil

The Brachia line consists of several different products. The first in line is a line of extra virgin olive oils called Brachia extra virgin olive oil , Brachia Premium extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil Brachia follow it. There are also exclusive Brachia extra virgin olive oil in a handmade ceramic bottle and as well as fun packaged kid's extra virgin organic olive oil.

Brachia organic olive oil for kids

Last in the range is Brachia flavoured olive oil, which offers an assortment of olive oil flavoured with lemon, sage, garlic, chilli, mint, oregano, rosemary and basil. The bottles in which this divine golden "juice" are undoubtedly worthy of your attention.

Brachia flavoured olive oil


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