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November 19, 2020

Domori, since its birth in 1997, has been a real revolution for the world of cacao.

Unfortunately, in Norway, the Domori brand is little known, which is a shame for real chocolate lovers. Especially those who are concerned about cacao origin and chocolate ingredients.

Tree to Bar brand, basically Domori chocolate is composed of cocoa and sugar, without adding other ingredients.

  • It was the first chocolate company to use only fine cocoa focusing on high quality.
  • The first to produce chocolate with Criollo cacao, the rarest, and prized cocoa.
  • The first to control the entire supply chain starting from the plantations located in Central & South & America.
  • The first to rediscover and use for chocolate an ancient and simple formula: cocoa paste and sugar and to make a 100% pure Criollo.
  • And finally, the first chocolate maker to create a Chocolate Tasting Code for discovering the infinite nuances of cacao.

Founded in 1997 by Italian Gianluca Franzoni, one of the world’s leading cocoa connoisseurs. Gianluca has studied food and drink since his childhood. He graduated in Business, but specialized in gastronomy, with emphasis on pasta, wine, specialty coffee etc.

Gianluca Domori

Gianluca's passion for the chocolate world began when he went to Venezuela in 1993, a project that had nothing to do with cocoa, but with water. But as he arrived, he went to visit a cocoa farm, Hacienda San José, on the Paria Peninsula, established in 1830 and run by the Franceschi family, having fallen in love with the business. When he got to know the cocoa grower’s problems and difficulties, until then only a commodity, Gianluca thought he could really help improve the quality of cacao.

Gianluca lived in the country for three years, learning and teaching all he could to the farm’s owner, aiming to improve the fruit. Since 2002, Domori has acquired 50% of the farm, and has been carrying out its research project and setting up its nursery for various Criollo cacao varieties.

It is also combined with a concept of sustainability in the business that, to this day, is seldom replicated: the producer is a partner in the business and receives a much fairer price for their harvest.

The only way to ensure sustainable high quality production is to pay the producers correctly.

Cocoa farmer

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