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The origins of an extraordinary pasta

Monograno Felicetti is the pinnacle of Felicetti's pasta-making craft, which they have been perfecting since 1908. Beneath the peaks of the Latemar, in the heart of Val di Fiemme, the harmonious co-existence of man and nature has given rise to shared goals that first and foremost mean a desire to do things well.

Old Felicetti

Felicetti produces a wholesome, healthy pasta that symbolizes everything this unspoiled mountain region has to offer.

The pasta’s name reflects the uniqueness of its constituent elements. Monograno means “single wheat”, with spring water from a source at 2,000 metres above sea level, pristine mountain air, and a single variety of wheat that is minimally processed, selected for its originality, wholesomeness and nutritional value.

The simple concept behind the Monograno brand – a perfect balance of water, air and semolina – makes this pasta the upholder of a family culinary tradition based on food that is good and essential for our everyday lives.

At the same time, thanks to its incredible flexibility, it lends itself perfectly to the flights of fancy of the most famous Michelin-starred chefs.

Family FelicettiOnce upon a time...

The adamantine, charming purity of spring water and the crystalline clearness of mountain air meet the golden ripe wheat.

Mountain air

While holding a strand of spaghetti between his fingers, Valentino looks thoroughly satisfied. He is the living embodiment of Felicetti's approach to pasta making. It all began with his original intuition when he recognized the true potential of the area’s natural elements.


The name in itself tells the story of this unique project. A single type of wheat, a single mill that grinds it into flour, a single goal: the pursuit of quality, which to Felicetti means producing food that is delicious, healthy and safe.


Water is the secret

Felicetti wants to keep it pure and uncontaminated, just as it gushes to the surface; that is why the water they use streams to the pasta factory directly from their exclusive spring.


The purest air

Now, the dough can summon the air that will transform it into precious gold nuggets. The drying phase involves the most intangible, yet essential resource: the pristine, unpolluted air of the Dolomites, an invaluable ally that flows through rocks, forests and glaciers, capturing the very essence of the mountain before reaching them.

Air Dolomites

Learn more about Monograno Felicetti pasta here or shop below. 

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Mats Hagman on July 12, 2020

Very good text and pictures. Makes me one of your customers. Maybe one could add a picture of the product/boxes in the end och text?

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