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Felicetti - pasta producer

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Felicetti - the origins of an extraordinary pasta

Monograno Felicetti is the pinnacle of Felicetti's pasta-making craft, perfecting pasta since 1908 beneath the peaks of the Latemar, in the heart of Dolomites.

Valentino Felicetti, born in 1864, is the founder of the Felicetti pasta. In the 1920s, Emilio, his eldest son, takes the reins of the pasta factory. All the work is done by hand, producing 10 to 12 tons of pasta a day.

Old Felicetti

In 1970 Emilio's son Valentino took over the helm of the company. In 1995 the generational turnover brought three cousins - Riccardo, Paolo and Stefano - in the top management positions while Valentino became president of the Felicetti. The new course marks a formidable expansion on international markets. In 2004 they developed the Monograno Felicetti line - the top-of-the-line product introduced to meet the demanding needs of consumers and catering professionals.

the best organic pasta Felicetti

Felicetti marries artisanal techniques (bronze die-cut) with state-of-the-art clean technology. As a result, they generate 90% of their electricity and are committed to making the lowest environmental impact possible.

Monograno Felicetti

The pasta’s name reflects the uniqueness of its constituent elements.

The Monograno Felicetti pasta brand's simple concept is to have a perfect balance of water, air, and semolina when making organic pasta. Monograno means "single wheat" that is minimally processed, selected for originality, wholesomeness and nutritional value. 

organic pasta

Felicetti wants to keep pasta pure and uncontaminated; that is why the water Felicetti use streams to the pasta factory directly from their exclusive spring 2,000 metres above sea level. Felicetti has a single goal: to pursue quality, which for Felicetti means producing delicious, healthy organic pasta.


Monograno Felicetti organic pasta conquered hearts (and bellies) from the world's top Michelin chefs to the passionate home cooks.

the best organic pasta in the world

Let yourself discover new pasta flavours from the ancestral Matt durum wheat to more fragrant Farro, from the Middle-Eastern touch of KAMUT® Khorasan to the hearty and authentic character of Il Cappelli. Felicetti wheat is most naturally grown in the most suitable climatic environments, following the strictest organic farming standards. The commitment to wholesomeness is Felicett's mission, and the goal is to protect the environment and encourage healthier eating.

the best organic pasta

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