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Pontus Hagman

GREEN & MORE is a sustainable, eco driven company, with green policy, zero waste, and the goal being a zero-CO2 emission factory by the end of 2023.

Green & More produces healthy, organic food high in nutrients, proteins, and great tastes. Only the best raw quality ingredients are used in Green & More products to achieve the highest nutrients. By activating nuts and seeds, starch is removed, and enzyme inhibitors further enhance the flavour and increase the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and live enzymes.

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GREEN & MORE products are great start of a new life or a sweet sequel to healthy living.

Green & More brand creation started 12 years ago when Ivana and Ned began with the wheatgrass production for a Liquid Sun food supplement. 

The couple created a company from the passion and energy they got from tasting a product they have never tasted before - a wheatgrass juice. After sipping it, they felt a significant energy boost and glow. Ned and Ivana realized they wanted to transfer this energy into the business. The couple already owned agricultural land in Central Croatia near Plitvice Lakes and started growing wheatgrass. And that's how it all started.


Since GREEN & MORE beginnings, they have witnessed a significant change in the consumer's market, increasing food awareness. Before, it was much more challenging to explain the added value of organic products. Many people thought Ned and Ivana were telling fairy tales, that everything is already healthy and that natural products don't deserve a higher price. This way of thinking is changing nowadays. People are more aware and care about what they eat.

GREEN & MORE has four certificates that took lots of effort and hard work. Among others, products are organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher and halal.

At GREEN & MORE, they believe that everything starts from a young age, and that's why kids and their parents are their primary target group. It is essential to take care of and listen to your body. A good start is trying Green & More delicious activated organic raw cookies that come in pistachio & lemon, wild blueberry and cocoa orange flavour or give it a try to amazing creamed organic honeys.

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