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Pontus Hagman

Philosophy of the Kozlovic family is based on togetherness preserved through generations. The Kozlović family has been producing wines and olive oil in the Valle valley from 1904.

Kozlovic family has always followed the same goal and worked on it with diligence and dedication.

Kozlovic family

Kozlovic aims to widen horizons and cross borders in wine and olive oil world, always keeping a single promise of quality that they guarantee by their family name.

Using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation, Kozlovic is creating the wines and olive oil which save the expression and character of Istrian indigenous varieties.

Striving for excellence in production processes and knowledge, Kozlovic joins past, present, and future in their wines and olive oil. We recommend tasting award-winning extra virgin olive oil Kozlovic made from three olive varieties. Always harvested early to results in the best extra virgin olive oil with high polyphenols levels.

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