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Laguna Novigrad

Pontus Hagman

An ideal climate, expert processing and a story that continues to fascinate lovers of authentic Istrian olive oil year after year – all of these are in every single bottle of Vergal extra virgin olive oil.

The name Vergal derives from the old word for spring/brook. Just as it used to signify health, purity and life, springing from the intact depths of the Earth, so Vergal olive oil continues to thrive today, as pristine and as vigorous as ever.


Olive oil producer Laguna Novigrad has two olive groves located right by the sea, making the healthy ripening of olives possible.

Olive oil varietals Frantoio, Leccino and Istarska bjelica, have been grown since 2005. Around 50 tons of olives are picked and processed every year, while about 5600 litres of premium extra virgin olive oil produced.


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