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Marinski Heartmades ceramic studio

Pontus Hagman

Marina Marinski runs a small ceramics production company Marinski Heartmades, with the help of her husband and sister.

Ceramic studio Marinski Heartmades strives to keep traditional craftsmanship alive. Like many non-material things in life, it is about the quality, not the quantity, at Marinski studio.


Nature is, without a doubt, Marina's most important inspiration.

Every ceramic piece from Marinski is handmade, skill-made, heart-made.


Wouldn’t it be nice to leave something unique to your children and grandchildren?

Marinski Heartmades offer quality ceramic crafts for children from 0 to 99 years of age. If you share the values of inspiration, dedication and originality, they might stick through generations.


Marinski Heartmades cherishes natural and sustainable materials.

They play fair — with people and the environment. The production process always starts with imagination and continues as a skilful play of hands and clay.

Since all Marinski products are handcrafted — it takes every piece at least 15 times into Marina's hands. Thus slight differences in drawing, colour, and form may appear. But that is the charm of handmade.


Photo credits: @dalibora_bijelic_photography

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