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Oleum Viride

Pontus Hagman

The story of extra virgin olive oil Oleum Viride, owned by family Belic, started when Mr Belic bought a small olive grove for his wife as a marriage anniversary gift.

Couple Belic Oleum Viride olive oil producer

Today family owns olive grows on 11 hectares with 5500 olive trees of carefully chosen olive varieties. Mrs Belic, MSc. in Agriculture revitalized a few autochthonous olive varieties. The idea was born to discover the distinctive taste of each olive oil produced. Today Oleum Viride has one of the world´s largest selection of monovarietal olive oils.

In the picturesque Istrian olive groves, the Belic family initiates the same magic life cycle every year. The olive fruit sequence to the olive oil is taking its course with full respect for centuries-old traditions while utilizing the latest ecological agricultural techniques and technologies.

Oleum Viride olive oil producer
Olea BB award-winning extra virgin olive oils have strong and powerful sort characteristics. These characteristics make the award winning Oleum Viride Belic extra virgin olive oil a crucial element of a goof Mediterranean diet.


Oleum Viride´s innovative design concept, along with the name of the variety, introduces a different colour as an additional element of differentiation of a particular label within the packaging series. Ksenija Jurinec’s design won the Cro Pak and the prestigious Red Dot award in 2009.

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