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Raw Sweets by Mihaela

June 15, 2020

Mihaela is a real sweet connoisseur, sharing her passion and love for raw sweets through the creation of amazing products. Mihaela's raw sweets, apart from being healthy and sugar-free they are full of delicious flavour.

Mihaela's story

Nine years ago, her mother introduced Mihaela to raw foods. Initially, she felt a bit sceptical about it. Soon after, she started preparing raw cakes and other treats for her whole family. The family started enjoying her sweet, healthy treats more and more. Suddenly, she began having inquiries from her friends and many other people, which lead Mihaela to start her small production. 

Being curious by nature and open for new challenges, Mihaela started studying and researching about raw food and its positive effect on our health. Being convinced more than ever on the vital role that food has in our lives, she started her business to promote healthy eating in its original form. 

Mihaela is the first person in Croatia to register a company for Raw Foods sweets.

Mihaela started experimenting in her kitchen, playing with colours and flavours, studying nutrition and nutritional value of the ingredients and cooperating with nutritionists. Thanks to all people that believed in her and were tremendous support along the way, she also wrote two cookbooks: 'Raw food' and 'Sweet passions'. 

At the moment, she has ten different products in her line. From which sweet bites come in 5 different flavours (carob, energy, hazelnuts, coconut and chocolate praline), four different raw chocolates (70% cocoa, 65% cocoa with orange, 60% cocoa with coconut, 60% cocoa with dates and dried figs), as well as a healthy version of hazelnut spread, in her version called Miatella.

Mihaela would like to add that she feels happier than ever. She works a lot but sees tangible results, something she missed in her past career. She meets lots of lovely people, has full freedom and she loves it! From time to time, she feels like she is dreaming, not that this is happening to her!

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