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Solana Nin or Nin Salt Works was founded back in 1957. Solana Nin is one of the few salt works that produce salt naturally and ecologically and dates back to Roman times.

Most saltworks produce salts in manufacturing plants and industrial processes. Solana Nin does not do that.

Salt from Solana Nin is the original sea salt, unprocessed and rich in natural minerals.  

Old photo solana

Salt is Solana Nin is collected in open salts fields so that the pools are filled with seawater in the spring.

During the late spring and summer, the water evaporates, and the bottom remains sea salt that is manually 'harvested' in summer.

Solana Nin old photos

Bio salt

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Past several years i am only using fleur de sal, as it is much more healthy salt than regular one. This one is special with rich and intense flavor, and i use it on daily base.

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