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June 15, 2020

SUPERHERAW is a healthy, mighty and delicious on the go snack for everyone.

Founded by Tijana, a busy mother of two children and wife of a former professional athlete and passionate bike rider.

Tijana wanted to create a healthy, delicious snack for the whole family to enjoy. The kitchen turned into a home laboratory and soon was born SUPERHERAW. All bars are still handmade with love in a modern gluten-free facility.


Superheraw's story

Tijana believes her recipe for success, both private or business contains two ingredients: love and passion. Those two ingredients are most important in a story how Superheraw started, a brand created in the family kitchen.

Everything started with her son that has allergies. By the age of 2, her son Luca developed food intolerances that manifested in skin rash and eczema. Food intolerance was the body's response to industrial additives, colours and other artificial ingredients. Tijana's son became disciplined, and he rejected food that he knew is harming him.

Tijana was forced to seek ingredients and dishes that suit her son Luca.

As she always liked experimenting in the kitchen, with lots of effort and imagination, she managed to satisfy Luca's need for sweets in a very healthy way. At their home, they never had anymore industrial food; everything was prepared by her from scratch, from bread, jams to energy bars. 

Soon after, her energy bars became her husband's favourite snack, for his long kilometres bicycle rides. As a professional athlete, he had an opportunity to taste all sorts of energy bars and different energy drinks. He was thrilled with Tijana's formula and effect of her pure and natural products. He was the one to encourage her to go into her new business venture. Her close friends already started asking how they can order her energy bars, so soon after she gave birth to her second child, Tijana began creating her brand.

Passion and love for her job are propelling her.

Tijana used her maternity period to perfect her recipes. She co-created a brand name with a designer, now a friend, Veronika. A few months later, the brand was born. 

Superheraw is a handmade, completely natural organic product, made from dried fruits, nuts, seeds and spices. Bars don't contain any sugars, gluten, processed oils, preservatives or additives.

Superheraw bars are excellent for kids, sporty and busy people as they give energy without the feeling of heaviness. They are liked even by kids that don't like fruit. They are an excellent way to introduce necessary vitamins, minerals and omega-three acids from nutty fruits.

Tijana's bars are available in six different flavours — Apple pie, Coconut & Hempseeds, Fruits & Nuts, Hazelnut & Cacao, Orange & Cacao protein and Superfood Tiramisu.



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