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Terra Ceramica

June 15, 2020

Tea studied The Academy of Arts, Sculpture programme. After finishing her masters, she decided to pursue her dream and start her studio and make her magical pinching cups.

Terra Ceramica
Why handmade?

Tea wants each piece to convey its spirit and character, and to reflect the journey of exploration and learning.


Tea's story

Graduated from the High School of Fine Arts in Split, majoring in Sculpture, and later receiving her Master's Degree in the same field from the Art Academy of the University of Split. After finishing her academic education, things started evolving spontaneously. Sometimes it feels for Tea as she has done this her whole life. Tea always had a desire to create, and every step she took was taking her where she is today.

After finishing her Masters, Tea took a big leap of fate and ordered a ceramic oven from German. She bought a half-ton of clay, and she started turning her dreams into a reality. She started creating unique pieces of homeware.

Her courage paid off, as her famous pinch cups with oversized handles, plates and bowls in earthy tones, found many admirers and loyal customers all around the world.

Tea Radic

Initially, Tea had to face a fear that is often inhabiting artists' minds, especially those coming from extremely non-commercial areas such as Sculpture. Questioning will she be able to survive from her work. This fear is kind of still slightly present, she admits, even though she has a successfully established business. There is no guarantee that in one moment you will be on your knees, she added.

Tea's formula to overcome her fears was and still is today, work, work and work. That massive amount of energy she invests in something it must pay off. The feeling best understood by people that are training a sport. Even on those toughest training times, when you feel like giving up, you get the most wisdom and benefit.

Pinch cup

It took time to get a final look of her pinch cups.

Some shades changed with time, but they kept their basis. When you look pinch cups from the side, they look very simple, but simple things are usually everything besides being simple. To make a cup that is different from a thousand other cups on the market and make it recognizable with its look and design, it's not easy. Tea's focus was first on cup form, later on, its prints and final design.

It takes a couple of days to create a cup, that is today her best selling product.

Tea follows her feelings in her work. She is happy that she can work that way. She believes the secret of her success is that people appreciate honest stories. She enjoys buying and supporting products that she can feel there are honest people and the authentic brand story behind it. That is what gives the most value to the product.

Tea seeks to convey her love for clay to others through the workshops.

All the places in her workshops filled quickly. If you are travelling with us to Croatia to experience products location, we can gladly organize a private outdoor workshop for you and your friends or family or perhaps bring Tea to Norway! If you like the idea, drop us a line.

Terra workshop

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