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Bjørvika Blomster

Katarina Poljak

Meet a wonderful lady behind Bjørvika Blomster - Lena.

After living for 25 years in the countryside just outside Oslo, enjoying the soil under her nails and taking care of her flower garden and greenhouse, for Lena, it was a natural flow to start a flower shop once she moved to the city, to beautiful Bjørvika.

Although she enjoyed the beautiful view wherever she looked from her apartment, still, there was one thing missing. Lena admits that actually, it was her daughters' idea that she should start a flower shop. At the very moment, she laughed at it, but then she felt - “Yes, this is what I'm going to do!” So, nine months later, Lena made Bjørvika even more beautiful, thank you for that!

Why we love Bjørvika Blomster?

  • It is a local flower shop that focuses on quality flowers and classy items, not something you will see on every corner.
  • Because we always feel very welcomed by Lena and Sofie.
  • There you will often find the friendliest dog Lilly, that loves to say hi.
  • And finally, because they made it easier for all real chocolate lovers to discover the precious Domori chocolate.

Chocolates and flowers are always the best gift idea. Get yours next when in Bjørvika!

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