Truffle pizza 'Tartufata' |

Truffle pizza 'Tartufata'

Katarina Poljak


  • 415 g pizza flour
  • 9 g salt
  • 2.7 dl water
  • 1 g dry yeast
  • 80 g tartufata
  • 30 g sliced black truffles
  • 150 g mozzarella
  • 2 eggs


Pizza dough:

  1. Dissolve yeast in water, add salt to the flour and combine all ingredients into a homogeneous mass.
  2. The dough must rest for 24 hours.


  1. Roll out dough, spread tartufata over it, top with grated mozzarella and place a whole raw egg into its middle.
  2. Bake on the lower oven rack for 7 minutes at 250°C.
  3. Once baked, scatter chopped black truffles on top of baked pizza

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