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Kale salad with avocado and quinoa

Pontus Hagman

A flavorful, vegetarian raw kale salad

Loaded with quinoa, avocado, red peppers, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, dried figs and raisins, toasted in a lemon olive oil dressing.


  • kale, chopped 
  • ½ cup (90 g) of quinoa, soaked overnight
  • ½ avocado
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • ½ red pepper, cut in cubes
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1 cup (200 g) cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 cup (150 g) raisins
  • a few dried figs, finely cut
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • season it with fleur de sel and pepper


  • Peel avocado.
  • Massage chopped kale with olive oil.
  • Overnight soaked quinoa, rinse in the morning and mix it with chopped kale and lemon juice.
  • Chopped remaining ingredients.
  • Add them to the kale mixture and mix well all ingredients.
  • Season and tune it to your taste!

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