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What is fleur de sel?

Katarina Poljak

Fleur de sel is a salt product of superb quality and specific gourmet flavour - also known as the caviar among salts.

Where does fleur de sel come from compared to coarse salt?

Fleur de sel appears on the sea surface as a thin layer of salt leaves salt similar to flower petals that the human hand collects gently, using a micron sieve. You can only obtain fleur de sel exclusively in ideal weather conditions (dry and sunny). Therefore, Fleur de sel is gathered in the early morning and late at night when there is no wind. Most other salts are obtained from the bottom, where they settle in coarse crystals.

What makes fleur de sel different from other salts?

Fleur de sel is of better quality because it is less refined and contains more minerals. In addition, Fleur de sel tastes less salty because it has less sodium chloride (97%) than ordinary table salt.



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