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Where to find truffles?

Katarina Poljak

Welcome to the seductive world of truffles!

In Istria! Located north of the beautiful Adriatic sea, Istria is a beautiful region in Croatia. It is a relatively small area, famous for its natural beauty and exceptional food. We love Istria because it is known widely as a natural habitat of the best sorts of truffles in the world - white truffle or Tuber Magnatum Pico, the most precious truffles of all.

Zigante Istria region

Where can you find truffles in Istria? 

Truffles thrive in symbiosis with certain tree species. Truffles are grown underground and exclusively in unpolluted nature and clean environments such as Motovun Forest in Istria.

Istria is home to three different types of truffles:

  • the Istrian white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico)
  • black truffle (Tuber Aestivium)
  • black truffle (Tuber Brumale)
Zigante Giancarlo Truffles

Who is the most famous truffle hunter in Istria? 

Well, probably the founder of Zigante Tartufi - Giancarlo Zigante. Giancarlo spent the last 25 years truffle hunting. Giancarlo was puzzled with questions. How to bring closer truffles to all those other people? Those who don't have the luck to live in the centre of the truffles like him? Giancarlo wanted and did answer those questions by creating a fantastic brand.

Truffle for Guinness Book of Records

Although Istria has been a famous truffle hunting site for centuries, the turning point happened 21 years ago. In the Motovun forest on the 2nd of November 1999, the founder of Zigante, Giancarlo and his dog Diana found a white truffle weighing 1.310 grams.

A giant truffle named Millenim entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest truffle ever found. It kept a record as the biggest truffle until two years ago. The discovery of the Millenim white truffle put the entire Zigante family and Istria region towards advancing its status.

‘Giancarlo never sold that record white truffle. Even though he could have earned millions from it, instead, he served that truffle cut in slices at a dinner for 120 guests.’

Zigante Giancarlo Guiness

How do you find truffles? 

Professional truffle hunters and trained dogs search for truffles in the forest. Just as with gold, rich in truffles, places are kept a family secret. Truffle hunters search for truffles at night or early dawn as truffle flavour is the most intense. After the dog smells the truffle, its master digs it out using a unique tool. Dog gets a treat, and his master gets a truffle - both being very happy!

Did you know we can take you on such a truffle hunting adventure to the Motovun forest? So, feel free to contact us for more details on truffle hunting.

Zigante truffle hunting

Zigante factory - from the forest to the table

Advanced technology and long experience enable Zigante to offer superior truffle-based products all year round. After harvesting, fresh truffles go to the Zigante factory, one of this type's most modern production facilities in Europe. Truffles are processed in a controlled environment, with only natural preservatives, such as salt and extra virgin olive oil.

At Marqt.no, we bring you top of the line truffle products directly from Zigante that you can get quickly delivered to your home.  

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