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Why are truffles expensive?

May 15, 2021

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Truffles are hidden underground, just like a treasure, no wonder they are pricey. A true truffle lover will understand its price, as it is worth it! 

Where can you find truffles?

Truffles grow underground, mostly besides roots of trees such as beech, oak, poplar, willow and elm.

How do truffles look like?

With their appearance, truffles look like a potato at first. Truffles average size is between cherry and apple size, although they can sometimes be significantly bigger, even over a kilogram.

Are there many different truffles? 

Yes, they are many different truffle varieties. However, white truffle - Tuber Maganatum Pico is the best truffle variety.

In the gastronomy world, there are two main truffle varieties - black and more expensive white truffles. Truffles are used in small quantities as it is still sufficient to turn every dish into a top gourmet experience even with a small piece.

How does truffle taste? 

Truffle’s aroma is complex to describe, but it is reminiscent of chocolate and soil mix, deep musky, earthy, oaky, nutty aromas.

White truffles

When is the truffle season?

The truffle season runs from the end of October to December. Every year about 3,000 hunters search for this incredible gourmet treasure in the Motovun forest only. 

Truffles hunting

The most famous truffle hunting site in Croatia is in Istria (the Motovun forest).

Did you know that Istrian truffles are amongst the most highly prized truffles? They are undoubtedly well-kept secret. Professional truffle hunters and trained dogs do truffles search.

In the past, people were searching for truffle search with pigs. Nowadays it is a rarity as pigs are skilled to find truffles, but often they eat the treat!
As hard to find, truffles price can reach over incredible 6000 EUR per kilogram.

Truffle hunting

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