Boya Crayons: Unleash Creativity with Artistic Expression



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Experience the magic of Boya, a soft wax pastel meticulously crafted for drawing, coloring, and painting. Its innovative design sparks creativity in little ones and amplifies the expressive power of artists.

Recipient of the Red Dot Design Award

🎨 Ergonomic Excellence: The thoughtfully designed shape promotes a natural and expressive drawing approach, enhancing the artistic journey.

Dive into the world of Boya Sets:

  1. Monochrome: Embrace the elegance of black, white, and silver hues.
  2. Basic: Explore the vibrant spectrum of yellow, red, blue, and black.
  3. Mediterraneo: Immerse yourself in beetroot purple, plum blue, lime green, and sunflower yellow.
  4. Vintage: Unearth nostalgia with four pastel Boya crayons and a charming pink crayon.
  5. Rainbow: Paint your world with the vivid colors of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and purple.
  6. Perfect 10: Elevate your artistic pursuits with a set of 10 versatile Boya crayons.