Extra virgin olive oil tasting kit - Zigante


We invite you to taste three exceptional Croatian extra virgin olive oils, hand-harvested and pressed the same day, to guarantee high polyphenols and what is the best for your health.


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Leccino - mild 

Leccino is delicate olive oil with a fresh scent of olive fruit and aromatic herbs that pairs amazingly well with vegetables, salads and seafood dishes.

Buza - medium 

Flos Olei 2021 recognized Zigante's Buza as one of the world's best extra virgin olive oils. This perfectly balanced olive oil with a taste of olive fruit, aromatic herbs, artichokes and apples is the best when paired with seafood.

Frantoio- intense 

Frantoio is moderately bitter olive oil with a strong pepperoncino taste that pairs exceptionally well with meat dishes and truffles. Frantoio is, for a reason, one of the top-quality olive varieties. You will enjoy its scent of fresh olive oil fruit, almond and aromatic herbs.

Country of Origin: Croatia

Region: Istria