Recyclable flowpack chocolate



Cocoa mass

Pure cocoa mass and nothing else. One ingredient for endless aromatic nuance - dried fruit, caramel, honey, toast. Try it for a unique sensory experience: a real joy for the taste buds!

Coconut milk chocolate

Coconut lovers will be so happy about this Domori chocolate novelty! A great alternative to milk chocolate! Coconut milk chocolate has a creamy texture, having a slightly sweet taste. It pairs perfectly with our fine chocolate from the Ivory Coast.


Gianduja is a classic of Turin’s chocolate tradition, enriched by the presence of fine cocoa Domori.


The most classic of all pairings, to please any sweet tooth. Milk chocolate enriched by whole roasted hazelnuts.

70% dark chocolate

A unique tasting experience... an irresistible 75 g bar!

Net weight: 75 g

Producer: Domori

Country of Origin: Italy