Torrone Morbido - Gianduja soft nougat



Gianduja soft nougat is known for its smooth and creamy texture.

So soft with toasted hazelnuts and delicious gianduja chocolate - thank you, Domori, for creating this deliciousness!


Net weight: 100 g

Producer: Domori

Country of Origin: Italy

Storage notes: Store in a dry and dark place with a maximum temperature of 25 °C.

Ingredients: sugar, hazelnuts, glucose syrup, honey, dark gianduia chocolate (brown sugar, Piedmont PGI hazelnuts, Tanzania cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, natural vanilla, soy lecithin), chocolate paste (35% chocolate powder (sugar, cocoa), vegetable oils (sunflower, coconut), low-fat cocoa powder, flavourings, emulsifier: soy lecithin), egg white, cocoa powder, pectin, host (potato starch, water, sunflower oil ).

Allergens: It may contain milk, peanuts and other nuts.