Wearable nature handmade brooch


Marinski Heartmades

Everywhere you go, always take nature with you!

Each ceramic brooch is hand-cut and follows the shape of the leaf. You can finally upgrade your outfit nature style - with a fern from our designer´s garden.

The brooch size slightly varies between 4 and 5 cm. Colours are pretty matchable – blue, green and black with 24-carat golden rim. Very evergreen brooch.

As Marinski says: one thing is clear; nature relaxes us – its sights, its smells, its textures. So it was only natural to make it wearable.

Handmade by Marinski Heartmades studio

Weight: 0.100 kg

Material: 24 ct gold lustre, coloured slip, leed free transparent glaze, metal pin, white clay

Maintenance: Keep away from water