Handmade ceramic latte cup Landscape


Marinski Heartmades

We invite you to rest your eyes and calm your spirit with every sip. Marinski handmade ceramic latte cups are so much more than a cup! 

Each ceramic cup is handmade from scratch and coloured separately, so no cup resembles another. 

If you would like to create your custom colour combination, drop us a line hey@marqt.no

Handmade by Marinski Heartmades

Dimensions: H 8 x Ø 8.5 CM / 2.6 dL

Material: 24 ct gold lustre, coloured slip, lead-free transparent glaze

Maintenance: All colours and glazes are LEAD-FREE and FOOD SAFE. The dishwasher may endanger your piece and spoil its beauty, so please hand wash.