Organic extra virgin olive oil Costa del Riparo


Costa del Riparo is a mild organic olive oil from Umbria produced by award-winning olive oil producer the Viola family.

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The Viola family has been producing olive oil for generations. But, beyond long tradition, the secret behind their great olive oils is a combination of organic fertilization and traditional cultivation techniques.

Note. Best before 15.11.2022., but also good after. 

All their olive oils are of extraordinary quality. Each bottle has its own story to tell. For example, their olive oil Il Sincero was awarded an incredible 100 points by Flos Olei and deserved to be a part of the Hall of Fame - one of the world's top 6 olive oils!

Food pairing: If you wish to make your food tastier, this olive oil pairs great with raw vegetables, bean salad, squash soups, freshwater fish, fresh mushroom dishes, and mature cheeses. In addition, you can make your desserts healthier by pairing them with this olive oil in your fruit pies, apple strudel, and chocolate cookies.

Tasting notes: herbaceous notes, with hints of thistle and artichoke

Country of Origin: Italy

Region: Umbria

Marco Viola organic olive oil