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Katarina Poljak

Tenute Librandi

Pasquale, the head of the family, was rightly proud that his five children (Pino, Carmela, Lucia, Angela and Michele) carry on a century-old tradition with passion and competence.

It all began at the end of the 19th century, with their great-great-grandfather Michele, a lot fewer olive trees and the same land of Calabria. Now the family has 205 hectares and 26 estates, all with organic farming.

Pasquale was a visionary entrepreneur, a man who always wanted to invest in something which he believed in and loved with all his heart: his land. First a butcher, and then a merchant and miller, always an olive grower, he could talk to the plants, consider them his daughters, take care of them, and loved them. Starting with the hundred-year-old olive groves of the family, Pasquale has built up the company that now bears his name over the years. Since 2012 Pasquale is no longer with us, but he continues to live through his plants.


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