About us




My name is Katarina, and I'm a girl behind the brand MARQT.NO.

I'm personally very interested in food, health and the environment. My travels all around the world introduced me to many different foods and products, witnessing natural production becoming rare and luxury. At the same time, people are more eager than ever to find high-quality products made with care and integrity.

Sustainable, healthy and tasty food is what makes us (and the planet) happy! This is my inspiration. 

As I am passionate about healthy food, the Mediterranean diet is an obvious choice for my family and me, gathering and sharing the best of products at an acceptable price and conveniently delivered to your door is our mission.
I am proud to say that we have personally vetted all products at MARQT.NO. We offer unique, high-quality products from small farmers and boutique producers. Products are as sustainable, delicious and healthy as possible for both individuals and the planet.

Sincerely yours,