Emotional healing trip experience

Are you looking to escape hectic city life and fully recharge?

Croatia sailing trip

Emotional healing experiential journey mixes comfort and healthy living with unforgettable sightseeing and wonders.

If you want to live the moment, enjoy a peaceful vacation in some of the most untouched Croatian bays, we made a trip for you. This trip is a combination of a yoga retreat and a sailing holiday.

emotional healing yacht

Explore Croatia's tranquil bays and have daily yoga and meditation sessions with a qualified expert in the most breathtaking settings such as at the beach, stand up paddle and the forest.

Our yoga teacher is also a sports therapist, a nurse, a senior sport recreational coach, emphasizing the implementation of therapy training and multi-style Vinyasa yoga. She has an impressive 24 years of work experience, the last twelve years as a yoga teacher.

yoga teacher mindfulness