We regularly organize interactive free online events and masterclasses to discuss food, cooking, nutrition, health and fitness.

We invite you to take a delicious journey to discover pleasures and the endless palette of Mediterranean flavours.

Our free online events are fantastic opportunities to have fun, learn from experts about food, how to choose products, and use them correctly. We want to guide you and give you advice and answer questions in a real-time panel with our guest speakers. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with us through our online events.

Olive oil masterclasses and online tastings

How are we to know if that beautiful bottle of olive oil that has been lying in the kitchen is extra virgin olive oil as its label claims? What to do? How to know? We welcome you to dive with us into the world of olive oils! 

The issues of olive oil impurity, mislabeling, and regulations are all real, complex and very important. But there is a hope...

With a series of different workshops and classes with our producers, we will try to help you understand olive oil better and ultimately help you find the olive oils that will be a real treat for your buds and beneficial to your health. Learning little by little, you can learn a lot.

Words are not enough we believe. We recommend that you try to connect what you hear with the sensory experience - a taste of extra virgin olive oil if you wish to have the best experience.

You can purchase an olive oil tasting kit for every masterclass we do. It is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

Past events

Most of our past events can be found here.