Sailing Cooking Week

Attention! Are you an adventurous, fun-loving foodie? How does a sailing vacation in beautiful Croatia paired with a cooking course with a private chef sounds?

If your answer is YES - you will embark on a week-long gourmet island-hopping experience promising mouthwatering cuisine served with the backdrop of beautiful Croatian scenery.

sailing Croatia In Europe, it's challenging to find a country as small as Croatia with so many diverse flavours and tastes. There is no doubt that Croatian cuisine is one of the wealthiest and most exciting cuisines in Europe due to its geographical location, history and the climate.

Gourmet sailing trip
Although Croatian cuisine is mostly Mediterranean food, it is at the crossroads between Central European, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, all based on very healthy ingredients. Croatian cuisine's unique trait is that those healthy ingredients come from local organic farms from untouched and preserved Croatian regions.

gregada seafood risotto

We invite you to spice up your holiday and learn how to cook Mediterranean food.

According to many experts, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets you could choose, perhaps a great opportunity to learn why? After this gourmet holiday, we promise you will come back home as a very accomplished performer in your kitchen.