The Criollo Chocolate Collection


Criollo Blend is the perfect chocolate for those who want to discover the authentic nature of cocoa, without compromise. As always, Domori uses a short recipe - only cocoa and sugar in order to give you a unique sensory experience - absolute purity and inimitable roundness.

✓ gluten-free
✓ made with 2 ingredients - cocoa mass and cane sugar

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Indulge in the unparalleled experience of Criollo chocolate, meticulously crafted with only pure cocoa mass and sugar. Our exquisite blend features low-roasted Criollo cocoa, with no added powders, ensuring an authentic and unadulterated chocolate sensation.

Remarkably rare, Criollo cocoa represents a mere 0.01% of the world's cocoa cultivation. This scarcity not only emphasizes the delicate nature of this cocoa but also places it at the zenith of the cocoa quality pyramid.


Indulge in a symphony of flavors with tasting notes of almonds and toffee, where excellent sweetness and softness will captivate your palate from the very first taste.


Embark on a journey of richness with tasting notes that include raisins, dates, and dried figs. Experience the extraordinary creaminess and infinite roundness that define this exceptional blend.


Discover intensity and persistence with notes of dried fruit in perfect balance. This rare, fine, and smooth chocolate promises an excellent equilibrium that will leave a lasting impression.


For those seeking the true essence of dark chocolate, our 100% Criollo is the ultimate choice. Delicate notes of dried fruit accompanied by a trace of slight bitterness make it the perfect option for connoisseurs longing to explore the authentic nature of cocoa - a sugar-free chocolate experience like no other.

Net weight: 50 g

Producer: Domori

Country of Origin: Italy

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar

Allergens: May contain traces of milk, nuts and soy.

Storage notes: Chocolate must be stored in a cool, dry, odourless place and at a temperature of between 14ºC and 20ºC.

Domori chocolate Criollo