Limited Edition Criollo chocolate



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Criollo Cocoa is a rare and fragile cocoa variety representing only 0.01% of the world's cocoa - unique for its perfect creaminess, roundness, and sweetness.

Domori Limited chocolate bars' quality is unmatched as made from Criollo cocoa that lacks tannins, which give roughness and astringency to chocolate. Criollo chocolate is naturally free of acidity and characterized by great sweetness and roundness, privileged characteristics of the Criollo variety.


Chuao chocolate is perfect for those who love sweetness but do not want to exceed in sugar. It is an exceptional variety of Criollo cacao, increasingly sought after by chocolate lovers.

Tasting notes: hazelnut, dulce de leche, lucuma, and mamey


Since 2002 Domori has been cultivating Guasare cocoa on its plantation in Venezuela. Guasare is a rare cocoa variety - considered the mother of all types of Criollo - is perfect for those who love chocolate in all its fullness! 

Tasting notes: almond, caramel, old rose and cream


Porcelana name comes from the fact that the fruits are translucent and resemble porcelain. Let yourself be conquered by the delicate taste of this luxury chocolate bar made from Porcelana cocoa. 

Tasting notes: hazelnut, cream, vanilla and bread crust

Net weight: 50 g

Brand: Domori

Country of Origin: Italy