Eco-friendly dish covers


Halo Dish Covers

Eco-friendly reusable cotton dish covers are a perfect replacement for plastic wraps and foils.

Reusable dish covers come in various sizes and shapes, guarding your prepared meals and leftovers food.

Do you know that these beautiful washable dish covers prints are works of art created by up and coming South African artists and handmade by women working from their homes? 

We love them because they are: 

  • Breathable, so there is no sweating and condensation.
  • Plastic-free, non-disposable and long-lasting.

Material: 100% cotton

Country of Origin: South Africa

Producer: Halo Dish Covers


  • They are super handy! Use them as you would use single wraps.
  • They are flexible, accommodating many different sizes, shapes and situations.
  • They are durable and will stick with you for years to come.
  • They protect you from the harmful toxins that go into your food when you use cling wrap.
  • They protect your food from being contaminated.
  • They protect the environment from the waste created by single-use plastics.
  • Your food will not dry out in the fridge.
  • The fabric absorbs aromas and washes out.
  • They are well appreciated as gifts, being both beautiful and useful.
  • Each Halo Dish Cover carries an artist’s story.

Size guide

We have a variety of sizes to ensure that you find a size to fit any bowl.

We have put together a handy size guide to help you select the right dimensions for your home.

Size guide

Shape Size  Colour design Ideal for
Jug cover 13 cm Fern Green │ Storm Blue Infused water jugs, brews, sauces, soups, dips or snack bowls
Extra Small 16 cm Lapis Blue │ Cool Grey Cereal bowls, fruit salads, snacks, condiments, brewing, leftovers
Small 18 cm Berry Pink │ Paisley Green Side dishes, leftovers, brewing, single portions, salads or snacks
Medium 26 cm Burnt Orange French Blue Small salad bowl
Large 30 cm Denim Blue Typical salad bowl
Extra Large 34 cm Pearl Gold Buffet bowls
Rectangle 32 cm Paisley Green Baked treats or casserole dishes