Extra virgin olive oil Fonte di Foiano

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Fonte di Foiano

Grand Cru

Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best olive oil from Fonte di Foiano family production; 99/100 Flos Olei points confirm its extraordinary level. It is complex and intense fruity olive oil excellent to season robust, cold, and warm dishes.

Grand Cru olive oil is ideal to use on octopus’ appetizers, meat carpaccio, porcini mushrooms, roasted radicchio, pasta with bolognese sauce, fish gratin, stewed red meat or game, and hard mature cheese.

Tasting notes: aromas rich in artichokes, chicory, with notes of mint, sage and rosemary. Its taste is full and robust with black pepper, cinnamon, and almond notes.

Size: 250 ml

Harvest: October 2020

Olive varieties: Frantoio, Maurino, Moraiolo, Picholine

Polyphenols: 1,002 mg/kg

Producer: Fonte di Foiano

Country of Origin: Italy

Region: Tuscany

Grand Cru fonte di foiano